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Living in the future.

What would that look like? What can and must change? What’s your vision? And how can it be brought to life? For this year’s contest, we are looking for startup ideas that help shape innovative living. The focus will be on smart living, energetic and social neighbourhood development and housing construction. Anyone with a good idea can take part – regardless of whether it’s a service, a technology or a new product.

Contest Timeline​

Time for ideas, ideas and more ideas!

It’s time! From now on you have the opportunity to submit your ideas about “Living in the future” to us with a video clip. The clip should be maximum 3 minutes long and communicate your vision clearly. The deadline for your submission this year is 31 May 2019.

What’s next – who made it?

Wait and keep your fingers crossed! By 1 July 2019 the hubitation team, together with the mentors – the three managing directors of the Unternehmensgruppe Nassauische Heimstätte / Wohnstadt – will make a selection from all submissions. Whether you and your idea made it, you won’t have to wait. We’ll let you know immediately.

Let’s get together!

The winners of the first round will enter the hot phase: The selected startups will be invited to a one-week workshop in Frankfurt from 9 – 13 September 2019. There they can work on their ideas in a coworking space with support from the hubitation team and the mentors.

Now it gets serious, but fun!

The concepts are ready – now they have to be sold. Contestants do their pitch on 13 September 2019 for the hubitation jury. The jury consists of mentors and managing directors as well as other experts from real estate associations, ministries, etc. The winners will be chosen directly after the presentations.

Pack your bags. We’re off to EXPO REAL 2019!

The winners of the contest will receive a special prize: We will invite them to EXPO REAL 2019 (7 – 9 October 2019) in Munich. There they can present their startup concepts at the Unternehmensgruppe Nassauische Heimstätte / Wohnstadt stand and will be actively supported for networking by the mentors.

Participation in the contest

Your idea for the future – join us!

So, are you feeling the urge to apply? Then simply fill out the form below, attach your video clip (max. 3 minutes long) with a short and concise description of your business idea and you’re ready to take part in the contest. We can’t wait to watch it!

And don’t worry: The privacy of your idea is very important to us – that’s why we will treat the content as absolutely confidential. Details can be found in our conditions of participation.

Application deadline: 31 May 2019