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Meet the Mentor.

No question, most important is to have a convincing idea. But what’s next? How do you turn a good idea into a good business concept? How do you get investors enthusiastic about this concept? And where do you actually find the investors? The right answers to these questions are also crucial for the success of your idea. So, we will give you the opportunity to apply for a business lunch with one of our three experienced mentors – all managing directors of the Unternehmensgruppe Nassauische Heimstätte / Wohnstadt – and can give you valuable advice for your startup.

Our mentors

Lead Managing Director

Dr. Thomas Hain

This trained real estate agent and graduate in economics has been in charge of the corporate group since 2013. He draws on many years of experience in the field of real estate financing.
Current specialisations and interests:
  • Workplace and communication of the future
  • Virtual reality in the housing industry
  • Augmented reality in the housing industry

Managing Director

Monika Fontaine-Kretschmer

She has been with the company since 1991 and has extensive expertise in urban development. She has been a member of the management board since 2016.

Current specialisations and interests:

  • Space-saving solutions for apartment layouts
  • Citizen participation 3.0
  • Modular and serial construction

Managing Director

Dr. Constantin Westphal

This trained banker and lawyer has been managing director of the corporate group since 2013 and also managing director of Wohnungsgesellschaft Dietzenbach mbH since 2014.

Current specialisations and interests:

  • Project development and execution
  • Tenant services
  • Living plus x

Participation in Mentoring

Let’s go get some lunch!

Just tell us in a short video who you are, what you do, what you would like to talk about with one of the mentors – and why you would be the right guest for our lunch date!